Welcome to my K40 Page where I share the resources & experience with my K40 Cyclops.

We are starting a new project!!!!!

Cyclops is a Chinese K40 40 Watt CO2 Laser Engraver that was purchased brand new from a US based supplier. It has been professionally modified and customized with almost every available option. This engraving machine has been completely reworked from top to bottom during the meticulous 20 hour customization process. Cyclops has been thoroughly calibrated and tested so it is ready to go! This machine is powered by the Cohesion3D Mini Controller with a custom control panel and offers air assist, a motorized z-axis table with pin bed insert, and safety interlocks to prevent the laser from firing when the panels are open. The laser is water-cooled and features a backlit paddlewheel flow indicator and a pressure/flow sensor to prevent the laser from firing in case of a cooling system failure.

Cyclops also includes 2 stage LED illumination in the work area, a 1080 HD wide-angle camera to monitor & record your work and precision ruler guides for easy measurement and work placement. This laser has never been used for production runs and has only been used for calibration, testing, and samples of output. The tube has never been run past 15ma and has less than 1 hour total run time. Cyclops is a one of a kind custom K40 build with many hours of planning, testing, and precision work invested. This machine has every modification and upgrade necessary to make it the highest quality.


I have had a youTube channel for quite awhile and I have some VERY good video equipment but by the time I get set up the mojo is gone! So I am now adding shaky, poorly lit, and unrehearsed videdos captured on my phone just to get them on there. And, guess what……. I kinda like ’em! Please check them out. If you like it PLEASE subscribe and share.

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